Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Musical Shopping List

As promised, here is the list of Cd's I picked up during my latest shopping spree.

From CD Baby (
Chris Poland: Return to Metropolis Live
Elias Viljanen: Leadstar (Guitarist from Sonata Arctica)
Mysteria: Out of the Blue EP
Perpetual Fire: Endless World
Streif: Nordic Winter
Tsuumi Sound System: Hotas

From Amazon:
Sonata Arctica: Takatalvi (Contains interesting version of "Still Loving You" by the Scorpions and Metallica's "Fade to Black")
Korpiklaani: Tervaskanto
Gary Moore: Wild Frontier

It's an interesting list. I enjoy listening to music I might not normally buy. I like the experimentation of diving into a band I may not be completely aware of or have only heard snip its of music. That's how it was with Korpikaani (from Finland). I heard a snip it of music and decided I wanted to check them out more. With Gary Moore, he has such a reputation for his guitar work and of course you all know me. I'm a sucker for guitar players so I had to check this album out.

Speaking of guitar players, I discovered a blues/rocker yesterday by the name of Walter Trout. I had never heard of him before but thanks to Internet radio I heard one of his songs on Planet Rock out of London. They play a really REALLY good mix of classic rock music. Better than any station around here. So I've done a bit of checking around on this Walter Trout guy and will be purchasing a CD of his shortly. I'm not familiar with the blues/rock genre of music very much and even a friend of mine who is, didn't know who Walter Trout was.

That's how I am with music I stumble upon stuff by accident. Some times those accidental discoveries lead to the best musical gems.

Rock On!

Happy Holidays to all my fellow Droogies and Lepp fans out there.