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Saturday, November 23, 2019

It's the Most Horrible Time of Year

Had to make a joke with the title. It was too easy to be honest.

November is nearly over but thankfully in this years NaNoWriMo quest, I hit the 50,000 work mark a few days ago so I've earned my winner's certificate and can close the book on another year.  I finished writing up my story today in the 53,300 work range.

This year was slightly difficult in that I didn't have a title going in or a clear cut story. I typically have every thing laid out in advance but this year it didn't gel.  I tried out something new and it proved to be a challenge but I managed to make it through.

Making it through this time of year can be a challenge. I actually did something this year I've never done and that was take a couple of mental health days under the guise of celebrating some personal anniversaries. It was nice to step away from work as this time of year slams me mentally.

All the craziness with shopping, gifts, parties and people bounding with joy making me a bit sick. Finding the holiday spirit is a bit hard but I didn't have week where I did something good.  Right now there are some kids who didn't have a hat, gloves, or scarves clothed in winter wear. I wanted to help out a friend so I donated a bunch of items to the non-profit he works for to help families.

I don't have much to write about at the moment but did dig out my knitting tools and tried to refresh my memory on how to knit on a loom. It took me a few tries but I got the hang of it.

Musically, I'm still listening to Eminem along with Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and a whole bunch of '80's music like Men at Work, Culture Club and Paula Abdul although Paula might have come around in the early 90's. Doesn't really matter. The goofy pop stuff is helping a little to counteract the winter weather but I swear if I hear that darn Katrina & The Waves song, I'm going to
punch someone in the arm.

With that in mind, this particular song seems to fit this time of year or at least the way I feel. Please enjoy the musical stylings of David Gilmour.

Rock on!