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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Back to Normal

Hi All,

Sorry for the silence but things have been busy!

My book has been in the hands of an acquaintance who has finally gone through it. I am still on the hunt for a decent photo for the cover and have little things to do yet and at least one more major rewrite and tweak.

I am currently wrapping up a very intense class on software testing (it's for work) which is why no updates for while on here.  My brain has been getting used a lot!

I have a road trip coming up next month to Hampton Beach, NH with a friend and co-worker.  If all goes well *knock on wood* I will hopefully meet Joe Bonamassa.  We're attending his concert - a first for both of us.  I've been a fan since 2006 and my co-worker is just getting into him.  Should be fun and I do hope I get the chance to meet the man face to face. 

As someone pointed out to me recently, for all my creativity, I tend to grab other creative people to help me with my creative projects.  The number of people I have reached out to regarding my book are all creative in their own ways whether they are into photography, editing, design, etc. 

Honestly, it seems only right to have other creative people help you with your creative project.  It becomes more like a group thing and each individuals creative spark is represented. It may be my book,  my words, my story but to have my ideas for a cover and how a page design should be well, that comes from other people.  The help me get my creative vision out there.  Music is a big part of that too.  There are certain chapters that probably would not have come out the way they did had I not been listening to Joe Bonamassa or Richie Sambora or any number of other people that put me in the right frame of mind.

To all the creative people out there - DON'T STOP!

With that, I leave you all to your creative endeavors and the video of a song that has been stuck in my heads for days.  Now it can be stuck in yours too!

 Rock On!