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Sunday, June 11, 2023

People Are Interesting

 I haven't written in a while but have a few updates to share.

First off, it appears that my neighbors may have chased off the skateboarder.  He has not been around for weeks. He may be busy with other things, but I do hope he returns.  I hope my neighbors did not chase him away because in all honesty, he wasn't doing anything wrong.

When it comes to doing wrong things, my neighbor next door broke the rules by having a moving truck show up at 9 pm to move boxes into the building.  This is not allowed according to building rules. It did cause a stir for sure and admittedly, the HOA board, one member in particular was an utter dick.  My neighbor had been visited by one board member and didn't need to be talked to by another one an hour later.

The second member is nice to your face, but he can be a definite jerk.  He clearly has an issue with women and takes every opportunity to belittle them. He used to work at the same company as me. I didn't have much interaction with him but heard somethings after he left.

Other interesting things is the bus driver who walked behind our trash house to go pee.  Yup, he did that. Across the parking lot is an adult living center and special busses come at all times during the day to pick up people or drop them off.  Well, I watched a driver drop people off and then watched him to relieve himself.  I didn't actually see him pee, but he certainly wasn't doing #2 given how quickly he reappeared. I was surprised, even more so knowing that the building where he dropped people off has a front office. Couldn't he have gone in and simply asked to use the restroom?

I had neighbors two floors down from me have a party on their patio two nights in a row.  The pot smoke made it's way up to my floor and I had to close the doors.  They were super loud and partied from 4pm to 10pm the first night and attempted the same the following night but got an earful when they were still loud past 10 when the first floor neighbor told them quiet hours started at 10 and that the HOA would fine them $500. That's not actually true but it did the trick and they were quiet.

People are interesting for sure. With that, I leave you with 'People Are Strange'.  I could have gone with The Doors version but opted for the Echo & The Bunnymen version for the The Lost Boys soundtrack.

Rock on!