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Saturday, December 6, 2008

December Rambles

Dear faithful readers I've been so bad. I've neglected you! That's what happens in the life of a part-time writer. If I was full-time I'd write on here more often! I'm still working on re-writing another piece of work and just began and finished the first draft of another story. I've got two stories going on at once which does make it a bit hard to go back and forth. I'm thankful that the story lines are completely different.

Besides working on two stories, listening to Peter Frampton and completing National Novel Writing Month with 53,000 words with my sanity intact I have found time to read a book. Imagine that! I'm currently reading Runway Runaway by Lorelai Shellist. The first chapter made me cry! I have read the first half of the book already and I find a lot of myself in it. I should send her a copy of my book. :-)

Other than working on two stories that need more revisions and editing I am hopeful that one of them will come out in 2009 if all goes well. One day I hope to make this a full-time career but for now I am content to be able to do as much as I can now.

As my ears are filled with Peter Frampton and Rainbow's Greatest Hits these days I'm in the mood to explore the music realm even more. If any of you have music recommendations I would be most appreciative if you drop me a line.

Take care all.