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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Writing, Reading, Snow & Steve Clark

Hi All,

A new year is here and I am busily working on a story that I started in November. It's a very complex story, the type of story I have never tried to write before and I find it very challenging at this point. Whether or not I publish this story is far from my mind right now as I write sections over and reorganize the story.

I have found comfort reading the Harry Potter series (I decided I needed to figure out what all the roar what about). Let's face it, it's a complicated story. How JK Rowling kept track of timelines, characters, places and the list of spells boggles my mind as I find myself in this very situation which drives me batty. If only I could pick her brain to find out how she organized herself to keep it all straight!

I don't wish to reveal too much of what I'm working on now but I've got a small town with thirty families to keep track off. There is a main character of course with nine others in supporting roles. I have several plot lines going on at once and at one point my timeline was out of whack but thankfully I've fixed that issue. I'm not sure how to describe this story. I think it's too early to say what genre it is besides fiction. I'm in no rush to get this story done so I'm going to take my time with it.

Speaking of time, I wish it was time for a snowstorm! Yes my friends as I sit here in Vermont the January thaw has swept in and melted all the snow. Normally I would be happy with such an event in the middle of winter but I went out and bought a pair of XC skis before the thaw and have yet to go skiing. It is Vermont so you just wait five mintues and the weather will change. Thankfully, there is snow in the forecast. I just hope it's enough for me to go out and play.

I apologize for the lack of updates to the site over the past month but writers need to take a break too! HA HA HA. Never fear new features will be coming soon to my little space here on the net.

As I wind this post down my mind fills with an image of Steve Clark as January 8th marked the 17th anniversary of his death. There are others like me who took a moment to celebrate his life this week knowing full well that he touched so many of us without knowing it. Little does he know that he still keeps touching people with his music so many years after his death. What we heard from Steve yesterday can still be heard today and we'll hear it again tomorrow. Music is the perfect gift. It keeps on giving.