Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hello everyone!

It's been a busy two years since my last post and no new published book to show for it even though I've got three stories in the pipeline. I am hoping that the one I have recently written finds it's way to a bookshelf somewhere.

As most of you know, I am a music junkie so the tunes are plentiful and most recently I have started my own radio station! Please visit and search for Strike-A-Chord Radio as the station name. It's a mix of classic rock with a sprinkle of metal. It is a work in progress but I hope you enjoy it.

As I work on my current novel I'd just like to offer this thought to all of you, write a letter to someone you care about or send a card. In this day and age of e-mails, texting and all the other electronic gadgets we have available to communicate with each other, a handwritten letter says more to the person you care about about that all the gizmos. It may sound silly but it's not and I hope that some of you will take on my challenge.


To send one handwritten letter/note or greeting card with a short message inside to someone that is important to you once a month.

It's a simple challenge which I think will produce some amazing results.

Take care-