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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Give Joe The Bird

There are lots of crazy things on the Internet that make me laugh but when one can roll laughter and raising money for good causes together then I'm totally in.  I normally don't plug stuff but this is something that I couldn't resist spreading the word about.

If you've never been to it's a great site to get twisted headlines of real events around the world. A number of Fark's loyal readers decided to take something fake and turn it into something real.

To buy Vice-President Joe Biden a Trans Am!!

Donations will be used to purchase the car and auction it off for charity. All proceeds will be distributed to the Biden Breast Health Initiative, Doctors Without Borders, the Wounded Warrior Project and GLAAD.  Please visit the website for full details and all the laughter that goes with it.

While I'm at it I'm going to draw attention to the Leary Firefighters Foundation.

After recently hearing stories about my grandfather who passed away before I was born and the things he did as a firefighter and as Chief made me appreciate firefighters even more.  I can only imagine what it was like when my grandfather went to go see the departments first fire engine built. There was the story of  him devising the first alarm system for the firefighters and the time he carried a young girl in his arms to the nearest hospital during a blizzard because the truck couldn't get through.

Every day firefighters are doing amazing things and sadly some departments don't have the resources they need to do their jobs.  Please read more about the Leary Firefighters Foundation at the link above or check out more about your own local Fire Department.

Please know that I'm just bringing attention to the things and making a simple suggestion to check them out. I am in no way asking you to donate.  I leave that decision up to you.