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Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm International

Hi Everyone,

I hope all of you are doing well. October Rain is currently spinning around the world. I just recently found my book listed on websites in Canada, Italy, United Kingdom and Norway! I don't know how to read Norwegian but I was able to navigate around the website pretty well. I thought it was pretty cool to see my book being sold in Norway! Norwegian isn't one of the languages I wanted to learn but who knows maybe I should give it a shot!

I used to read and speak Spanish fairly well but I can’t anymore. I suppose if I took a class or listening to those language tapes it might come back. I’d really like to learn Irish or Gaelic. I’ve been at some websites that have word pronunciations. I really enjoy listening to the words. I suppose learning Gaelic or Irish might help me understand the Celtic music CD’s I have. The music is beautiful but I haven’t a clue what they’re singing about.

Speaking of music if one were to venture to my list page, you’ll notice that I listen to an interesting selection of music. Honestly, you’re only seeing a segment of it. I’m listening to music all the time. It’s a constant in my life. I do listening to Celtic music, some classical, classic rock, prog, hard rock, glam, thrash, symphonic/power metal, country, pop, rock. I think it throws people off to know that I listen to thrash. Honestly, I don’t listen to a lot of it right now I’m rediscovering the bands I grew up with at the moment. Some of them don’t exist anymore but I’m glad Megadeth is still kicking around.

I like some of the music I’ve been hearing coming out of Finland and the Netherlands. I’m trying to find some other hard rock/prog/metal bands from that area of the world. I think it’s because there is an appreciation for classical music and then adding those elements into what we know as heavy metal and all of its various genres. There is a definite music appreciation distinction between Europe and the United States. Sometimes I wish I lived in Europe just because the music seems to be better there.

I’m not a fan of Death Metal. I’ve tried to listen to it and some of the music is great but then the lead singer chimes in and ruins it by growling, screeching or screaming. It’s a major musical turn off for me. I didn’t like Death Metal when I was younger either. As I say, the music is good but only if they gag the lead singer! To each his own it’s just not for me.

If any of you have artists that I should give a listen to let me know. My ears are always seeking out new tunes.


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