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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Busy Little Bee

Happy Sunday!

Hope all of you are well. I have finished marking up the first draft of my new story which I now admit has been sitting untouched for several days. I have been wrapped up in movies, books and music as of late.

On the music front I'm enjoying the sounds of Gary Moore, Peter Frampton and Cathie Ryan. I nearly fell into shock earlier in the week when I met someone who had never heard of Peter Frampton. I could understand not knowing Gary Moore but not knowing Peter Frampton? How absured. However, I was shocked even more moments later when the same person admitted of having never heard of Jimmy Page or Led Zeppelin. The person is question is older than I am by about 20 years so it was a shock to me. At least they had heard of Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix.

I recently watched "Michael Collins" which I have to say had an incredible cast. Liam Neeson is awesome. While I did enjoy the movie it is the one I watched after it I liked even more. At the recommendation of my friend and co-worker Teresa, I watched "In The Name of the Father" starring Daniel Day Lewis about the Guildford Four. Amazing movie and am glad I sat down to watch it. As with most movies based on books, they aren't exactly the same so I've purchased the book because the movie was so good.

My pile of books to read continues to grow as always but I have one less in the pile as I just finished "Ten Men Dead" by David Beresford. It was an interesting read about the 1981 Irish hunger strike.

The Snow God has answered my prayer by dumping sixteen inches of the white powdery stuff on us. I can finally go cross-country skiing! I'm still getting adjusted to the whole thing and after four trips out I have yet to fall on my butt. YEAH!

Hope all of you are doing well.


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