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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Writing To Music

I've been writing bits and pieces to a story I started two years ago.  I'm on vacation from my full-time job so that has allowed me some time to do outlines and flesh out characters. 

While writing, I have been listening to Joe Bonamassa's new album (Driving Towards the Daylight)and have put one song in particular on repeat.  It happens to me often where I get a song stuck in my head and thankfully I like Joe's music a lot so I don't feel I'm being tortured. HA!  Thought I would share with you.  Here's the album version of Driving Towards the Daylight.

As an added bonus I'm including the version found on the An Acoustic Night at the Vienna Opera House CD.  This is the version of the song I heard first and made me love this song.

I often listen to music while I'm writing. To some, music is a distraction but music is so embedded in my life that I actually write easier and more freely with music in the background.  So for now, Joe Bonamassa is providing a nice music landscape while I write and thought I'd share his music with you.
Rock On!

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