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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Book Publishing Setback

Hello All,

This month my book was to be edited but my editor is now unavailable after being told he was going to be available for August. All is not lost as I have a back-up editor who I'll hand my book to next week.  I'm behind schedule and my buffer zone is pretty much gone now.  I'll be lucky to get my book out by mid-October but if I can get it out before November 1st I'll be quite happy.

I hope I can get my cover done soon too.  I finally finished writing my book blurb and my author blurb.  Choosing a cover is not an easy task but I hope with the ideas that I have and the ones my designer has that we can cook up something wonderful.

I do not have much to report except that I finally have scheduled my first guitar lesson which happens in a week.  I'm looking forward to it and hope that I have better luck with the guitar than I did with playing the viola when I was a kid.

It should be interesting trying to read sheet music after all these years. It's been so long I'm not sure if I can remember what everything means.

Today's video fun is My Mind's Eye from the band Sirenia.  There was a time in my music exploration of symphonic metal that I came across them.  It's hard to believe this came out in 2006.  I honestly didn't think it was that long ago that I was listening to this song.

Rock On!

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