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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Start the Road to Creativity

Hi All,

I mentioned in previous post that some people feel that they can't write. That it's something unattainable for them when in fact it's not.  Anyone can write, it's just that some feel they can't or don't know how to get started.  They want to journal write or attempt to write the novel in their head but are scared to do so.

Writing is like any other creative endeavor, it just needs to be nurtured so it can grow. It's a matter of finding the voice inside you and letting it out, to not be afraid of the words it speaks.  If anything, you must embrace the voice of creativity that lurks in  you.

Writing can take various forms - poetry, essay, short stories, and novels are just some examples of the things we can wield with a pen or a keyboard. Writing is more than communication, it's a voice that offers us insight and worlds unknown.  It is up to us to explore and share.

Over the years, I've been in discussions with people who are unsure how to get their creativity going and so today I offer a starting point to open the flood gates.  It's time to awaken the creative part of yourself!

The first part of this writing adventure is to get a journal book.  Any kind of book is fine but make sure it's one that will serve the purpose of your adventure. If you feel that you're more of a computer person then set up a folder for your writing to go in.  I would however recommend going the journal book route because your journal book is more organic in nature.  You can do things with it that you can't do with a computer.

To begin your adventure do the following:

1) Buy a journal book (or set up a special writing folder on your computer);
2) Make sure you have a good set of pens for writing;
3) Write down your writing goal(s) and write a brief description about it.

You're already on your way into the world of creativity.  Don't freak out about your writing goals.  You may not have any or maybe your goal is simply to try writing.

As always, I leave you with a musical treat.  Crank this up and get your groove on as Freddie King reminds us to "Let The Good Times Roll".

Rock on!

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