Saturday, October 5, 2013

Special Days

I'll preface this post by saying that autumn-time in Vermont is very beautiful with the changing color of the leaves but it can be a very reflective time of year too.

If you've read my first book October Rain then you understand that the past can call to you as the leaves fall from the trees, the air grows colder for winter will undoubtedly make it's appearance in a short time.

Autumn in Vermont is a time of year when on starts to look back and prepare for what I think is the most peaceful time of year - Winter.  Every fall I always feel reflective, sad, quiet and withdraw very much into myself as if I was preparing for a long nap.

This time of year makes me yearn for days of past to see faces of friends I have not seen in over 20 years, one in particular comes to mind.

To everyone who has stopped in to read, take a moment today, tomorrow, this week, month or sometime in the future and celebrate your life and those that matter to you.  In nine days I will celebrate my 21st anniversary from a life changing event. An event that changed everything and am forever thankful for my friend, Michael, who helped me claim back my life.

The story that I have been stuck on for two years has started to write itself - finally!!  It's coming together nicely and I'm glad that I after two years and six rewrites I have something that is working.
Music is an integral part of my writing as it helps me tap into the deepest parts of myself and bring what lurks down deep to the surface.  Music gives me ideas and keeps me in a creative mind frame when I write or do other things.

So today I am going to share another Joe Bonamassa song with you.  Thankfully, it's not raining outside otherwise I'd be crying while listening to this.

Take care of yourselves and do a random act of kindness!  Someone out there could use a smile or know that someone cares. 

Rock on!

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