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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mix Tape Track Listing

Here is the track listing for the mix tape I put together today. I hope you find something interesting as there is a bit of everything - blues, jazz, rock, pop, country, folk and alternative.  I am a classic rock/metal listener the majority of the time so I'm sure if anyone came looking at my music collection they'd wonder how any of these ended up in my collection.  All I can say is - GUITARS! 
India/Mountain Time - Joe Bonamassa
Give Me One Reason - Lee Ritenour feat. R. Cray & J. Bonamassa
Given More Time - Vince Gill
Nothing - Dwight Yoakam
I'll Admit You're Gone - Rory Gallagher
Weathering the Storm - Richie Sambora
Bent - Matt Nathanson
Collide (Acoustic) - Howie Day
He Got Away - Noah Gunderson
An Ordinary Son - Black Country Communion
The Lost Boy - Greg Holden
Utopia - Within Temptation feat. Chris Jones
The Unclouded Day - Audra Mae
That River - Jim Byrnes
Slow Train (Acoustic) - Joe Bonamassa
Feel free to comment about making mix tapes.  I'm open to music recommendations too!
Rock on!

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