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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Book Crisis Averted

If you are working on a document, save it and save it again!  I had recently finished my story and thankfully saved it onto a CD.  A horrible thing happened ladies and gentleman, the version that was on my laptop disappeared!

My laptop was fine when I was logging off and noticed a Windows update was happening before my computer turned off.  Panic set in when I returned to my laptop, turned it on and found EVERYTHING gone!

No pictures, no music, my favorites, new Internet browser, six years worth of stories, notes and research related to them and other pieces of information relating to my stories were gone.  This is the worst feeling in the world when all of your hard work just vanishes.

Thankfully I was able to do a restore but my book did not return.  The very first version of it returned but not the copy that I had just finished.  I had two versions of it - a main version and the original version.  I would always work in the main version and make a copy of it because Word goes a little wonky on me now and then.

The restore brought me to the version I started two years ago and not the version I had finished at the end of December.  I am so thankful that I had a copy on CD as it would have been huge set back. 

So crisis averted and I feel better although I am a bit sad that some documents relating to a friend of mine who passed several years ago did not return.  It's a hard lesson to learn and thankfully the stories that I had on my laptop had been backed up so even if they had not returned I would have been okay. WHEW!

On the lighter side of things, a former co-worker sent me a CD as a Christmas gift.  I haven't received a mix tape in awhile from anyone so it was a welcome surprise. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed making mix tapes in college and making covers.  I have a rather large music collection and so I went digging through and playing CD's I haven't touched in some time.  As a thank you I decided to put a mix tape together to send them.

I rediscovered this gem from my music collection.  It's from Vince Gill's High Lonesome Sound CD.  Enjoy! - Maynard

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