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Friday, July 25, 2014

Book Update

Hi All,
I have recently completed six chapters of formatting my book. I have a ways to go as it's a mess and I need to tidy it up before I hand it over to my editor in a week or so.  While I have been working on the book my mind has come up with new ideas for other stories.  My mind just doesn't quit.  I have been writing down notes so that when I'm ready to begin writing a new story I'll be ready to do.
I spent a good hour or two listening to music at Amazon as my mind went on a trip down musical memory lane.  I couldn't believe I found the song "On The Loose" by SAGA.  I loved that song when I was teenager but now not so much.  It was fun to listen to it though and it then triggered me to think of the song "Cry" by Godley and Creme.  I loved that song!  I then thought of Kajagoogoo - remember them? Then came thoughts of Kim Wilde and OMD. 
While I did enjoy pop music as a kid, I do have a rocker in me and started rolling back the other way looking up songs but then I started listening to music by people I don't have in my music collection.  I enjoy discovering music and following the thread of one artist leading to another.  So I listened to Spirit, Audra Mae, Albert Lee, Alvin Lee, Great Big Sea, James House, Jane Child, Marshall Crenshaw and Rickie Lee Jones.  Some of these people I've heard of but don't own anything by them but that changed today.  I splurged a little.
I'm glad I have a musical brain in that if I think about one artist I am reminded of another.  Today's little music treat is nothing too old but something fun.  So enjoy the guitar playing of Lee Ritenour, Joe Bonamassa and Steve Lukather.
Rock on!

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