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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tough Times

Hi All,

Your music treat today is the musical styling of Gerry O'Connor.

I am still hoping to release my book this fall but I am experiencing more set backs. The set backs aren't too bad. I'm managing them and doing the best I can to stay on my schedule. I have some wiggle room so we will see.

For those that have been following me from the beginning you know that I have swings of depression from time to time.  I continue to function and go to work doing all the things I'm supposed to do. I typically get hit hard when fall comes around but it seems to have set in for a summer session this year.   Music helps me in managing it as it speaks to me on so many levels and aids me in releasing pain that I have not fully shed from my younger years when I was suicidal.  You can't get rid of depression like a cold.  It just doesn't work that way.

When the hard times hit, what song are you listening to to? It could be more than one but what is the first song you reach for when things go to pieces?  Please share your song in the comments section.
There are so many great songs out there so lets share! 

Rock on!


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