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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Book Delay - Again!

Hi All,

I have hit another bump in the road to publishing my book.  My editor who I gave my book to over a month ago will not be done by the set deadline we agreed upon.  They're going to give it to me a week later which puts me a week behind to do a re-write.  A position I did not want to be put in as I try and get the book out in October.

Thankfully, some of the other pieces to my book such as my covers and blurbs are done.  I will give you all a sneak peak in the coming weeks.  I started this particular novel in 2011, it sat for most of 2012 and got a new life in 2013.  This novel has been difficult to get together from the beginning but the day it gets printed will be a good day.  I can't wait to make it available for all of you.

With my novel returning to me in about a week I may have to put my guitar lessons on hold.  It has been fun learning to play the guitar.  I'm so thankful for having played the viola when I was a kid.  The guitar is a big version of my viola but unlike when I was a kid I'm having a hard time getting my fingers to function and hit the frets.  I'm still learning and each time I take the guitar into my hands a little bit of my musical childhood comes waltzing to the present. 

Music has enriched my life so much and most definitely has made a difference in my writing. Music is always playing when I write.  My stories have a soundtrack.  It's no wonder that I mention what I am listening to in my stories or the artists whose music speak to me so deeply at the time of my writing.

Classical music works for a lot of writers. I'm not one of them although I do listen to classical music now and then. As a treat for those of you who use classical music as your backdrop when writing here is a bit of Andre Rieu who I have seen on my local PBS station.  Not sure I could sit for two hours wearing one of those dresses but at least everyone is having fun.

Rock on!

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