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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Digging in the Music Archive

I was recently listening to songs on-line that I hadn't heard in awhile.  The wonder of listening to one song is that it links to another - thank you recommendations!  That was a few weeks ago and I had mentioned Marshall Crenshaw to one of my co-workers and she told me she found a vinyl album of his in her collection.  She dug out her turntable and gave it a spin.

I don't have room to dig out my turntable but in speaking with my co-worker I mentioned how my parents bought me ABBA.  That was my very first vinyl record.  Not sure why my parents bought ABBA for me but they were huge at the time.  The other album they picked up for me was a K-Tel album that had various artists on it - Kool & The Gang, Nick Lowe, John Stewart, Rupert Holmes, ABBA and a young Michael Jackson. I should dig it out and get the track listing. I'm sure it would be a nice shapshot of the seventies.

After these first two albums, the next vinyl albums to hit my collect were Michael Jackson's Thriller, Prince's Purple Rain, Whitney Houston and maybe a Pointer Sisters album but I'm not sure anymore. I'd honestly have to go look because I remember getting them for Christmas from my parents.   When I was old enough to buy my own vinyl albums my music collection took a definite turn!

Getting back to ABBA though, it must have been 1976 or 1977 it might have been later than that but I remember going to the local fair and they had ABBA cranked for all the rides.  I remember one ride that I think they called the Himalayan.  You sat in these cars and rode up and down while it was spinning.  It was enclosed but it spun fast and was slightly tilted.  I still see that ride or something similar show up these days but this song I always associate with the ride.  Enjoy the time warp!

Rock On!

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