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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Writing and the Fear of Sharing

Hello My Happy Readers,

Another week is here and I thought I would share my thoughts on a topic that pops up quite often when talking to people who write. Fear.

I think all writers, even those who are bestsellers experience the feeling of fear.  I was talking with a co-worker who I just learned writes stories as well.  She says she writes but does not let anyone else read them.  She is is the second person I know who does not share what she writes.

I write many things that I don't share either and when you do share your writing, such as writing a book there is a bit of faith going on in doing it. You open yourself up to a lot of criticism which is often hard to take. People write for various reasons, some people are driven by greed and glory others for the joy of letting their creative mind speak. 

I look at writing as a way of allowing a part of yourself the chance to speak.  A part of yourself that is constantly buried but logging all your experiences and weaves a colorful tapestry of imagery that widens eyes and causes jaws to drop. Writing is a craft.  We use language to create adventures and pull readers in to go on these adventures with us.

To share what you write is a personal thing.  It is a trust issue but whatever we write does expose us.  It lets people into our minds and for some that is a scary thing to do. Writing is intimate in that if we do share, we are sharing something very sacred of ourselves. 

As someone who is relatively shy in certain situations, my writing is a way for me to say what I wish to say and express what I wish to express.  It is a form of communication and one that I love very much. It takes great courage to share what you write but it can be very rewarding to take that leap.

So for those that have fear in sharing, when you are ready, share just a paragraph with someone. The gesture will speak volumes and to the person who reads the words that you have crafted, one hopes they realize what a treasure they are in the fact that you trust them so much with something very personal.

That's it for me ladies and gentlemen. Until next time, take care of yourself and give writing a try.

Today's musical treat is Billy Thorpe - Simple Life (1979).

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