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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Website Redesign

Hello Everyone,

My radio station, Strike-A-Chord Radio is doing well at the moment. I hope you enjoy listening to it. There is a decent selection of soft rock, classic rock, hard rock and metal. Essentially you are listening to part of my music collection.  My tastes vary and I'm sure a few eyebrows will raise at some of the music.

This is the music that I listen to when I'm at my full-time job and often it is the music that plays when I'm writing. I cannot write in dead silence. When a good upbeat song is playing I tend type a little faster.

I wish I had typed faster when redesigning my website but it takes time to apply HTML coding that I recently learned.  After 12 years it was time to retire my website and give it a nice touch up. I will  have more information to add to the site in coming weeks.

I want to thank everyone for dropping in to read my blog, checking out my radio station or taking a tour of my station. I appreciate it. Now buy one of my books will ya?!

I kid. Sort of. My books are available through (I support independent publishing).  You can find them on Amazon and through other sellers but honestly if you really want to help me out do buy through

That was my shameless plug for the day or was know darn well that I'll leave you with some kind of music video. How could I deny you that?  So my wonderful readers I leave you with a song by Within Temptation and one by Sonata Arctica. I highly suggest you crank the Sonata Arctica song.

Rock On!

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