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Friday, August 3, 2007

Progress On The Book

Hit a bit of a snag with the book. Sadly, there is a three week delay in getting the format done. Thankfully, I had put enough extra time into my schedule that I should still be able to meet the October 14th release date. Keep your fingers crossed.

I recently saw a movie that I absolutely loved - The Curse of the Golden Flower. The cinematography was incredible. The colors so vivid. The Chinese really know how to make a movie. I wish American film companies would do such things. The movie had lots of plot twists and even til the very end the twists were going on. I highly recommend this movie. Speaking of movies to see, I also recommend the James Dean classic - Rebel Without A Cause. It is a timeless classic. I've watched it numerous times and never tire of it.

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- Maynard

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